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Student Resource Scheme


In 2019 Caningeraba State School will be operating a Student Resource Scheme, in addition to the stationery/booklists for all students across Prep to Year 6.  The scheme is designed as a service to parents to provide more cost effective outcomes for the provision of books, resources and consumable items that they would otherwise be required to provide for their child as well as the items on the stationery/booklists.  The enclosed information is designed to give parents and caregivers detailed information in relation to the scheme. 

In 2019, the P&C Association will continue to operate the stationery/booklists scheme from Prep to Year 6 alongside the student resource scheme operated by the school.  A comprehensive review of the stationery/booklists is undertaken by the school and P&C each year resulting in significant cost reductions and value for money.  Once again, every attempt has been made to keep costs at a minimum for families for 2019.

Participation in the student resource scheme is voluntary with a parent’s decision to participate based on consideration of the value afforded by the scheme.  A parent who does not wish to join the scheme is responsible for providing the student with the items that would otherwise have been provided by the student resource scheme.  For example, a parent of a Year 2 student would be required to provide four books as part of the prescribed curriculum at a retail cost of $52.96.  Under the scheme, these books will be provided to the student at a cost of $6.85.  Reading Eggs is provided under the scheme at a cost of $8.15 compared with $79.95 if you were to purchase the software for home use outside of the school’s pricing.  These examples represent incredible savings for families.

2019 Student Resource Scheme Participation Fees for Prep to Year 6 have been endorsed and approved by our P&C Association and are listed in the table below. 






Year 1



Year 2



Year 3



Year 4



Year 5



Year 6
























Parents who opt to participate in the scheme and make payment in full by Friday November 23, 2018, are not required to fill out the attached Participation Agreement Form. All other parents must complete the attached Participation Agreement Form and return to the school office no later than November 23 to indicate whether they will or will not be participating in the scheme.  This is essential as the school will order resources for the 2019 year based on this information.  If you elect to participate, final payment will not be required until Friday February 8, 2019 (end of week two). We would appreciate your attention to this matter to keep our administration costs to a minimum. Provision can be made on the participation agreement form for families to make part payments throughout the year.

We look forward to your continued support in operating the scheme as a service to our school community.   A genuine attempt has been made, through reductions in stationery/booklists and bulk school purchasing, to offer a student resource scheme which minimises overall costs for our families at a very affordable participation fee. We must emphasise however, that if you have not paid in full or returned a Participation Agreement form by 23 November, the school can only assume that you will be providing all student reference materials, software, class worksheet/workbook costs, and art and craft items that would have been supplied under the scheme.


Participation agreement form (PDF, 1245 KB)

Resource scheme policy (PDF, 1342KB )