Rules and policies


Safe and supportive school environment

In order to maintain a safe and supportive school environment, students at Caningeraba State School are expected to comply with the Code of Behaviour and School Rules.

Code of behaviour  

1. Fair communication rule

Raise hand, wait to be called upon before commenting on, answering or asking a question. Do not talk or yell over others talking.

2. Fair language rule

Swearing, name calling, put downs, teasing and sarcasm are not part of this school.

3. Fair property rule

All property, school and other, is to be used and cared for appropriately.

4. Fair treatment rule

Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.

5. Fair direction rule

Follow all reasonable directions the first time they are given.

6. Fair learning and play rule

All will engage in behaviours which enable children to learn and play and teachers to teach.

7. Fair safe movement rule

All children will walk in rooms and on paths in a safe, orderly manner. Bikes will be walked to and from bike racks. Skates and similar items will not be used at school.

8. Sun safe rule

Children and staff will wear hats when working/moving in areas without shade.

Students are rewarded for continued good behaviour and attitude with a variety of reward activities to be chosen by each year level.

School rules   

1. Adhere to the school code of behaviour.

2. Follow all directions given by school staff.

3. Every student must be clean and neatly dressed.

4. Enter a classroom only when a teacher is present.

5. Walk around buildings, on concrete and paved areas.

6. Keep school grounds clean and tidy and remain in eating areas while eating.

7. Practise good hygiene and behaviour when and after visiting the toilet.

8. Enter and leave the school by the small gates or bike entry gate.

9. Walk bicycles in the school ground and store bicycles in the designated area near the tennis courts.

10. Car parks are out of bounds to all children.

11. Chewing gum, bubble gum and any item that could be considered dangerous to yourself and/or others are not to be brought to school.

12. Leave any personal belongings of value at home. Phones, if required, are to be stored in office security during the day.

13. Line up quietly and in an orderly manner at the tuckshop and classroom while waiting for a teacher.

14. Very best behaviour is to be practised when on school excursions or when representing the school in any way.

15. Games requiring the kicking, hitting or throwing of sporting equipment are to be conducted in a safe manner.

Last reviewed 07 August 2019
Last updated 07 August 2019